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Attention! This is a prerelease. The most recent HCIM release is ''2020''.

Prerelease 2024-1

This is a prerelease. More information about prereleases and releases you can find here.
The following summary shows which hcim's are part of this release, including the version numbers.
More information on prerelease 2024-1 you can find in the ReleaseNotes 2024 PDF.png (mainly in Dutch) and in the sections below.

Health and care information models prerelease 2024-1

group: Administrative, count: 8

Admission-v2.0 ContactPerson-v4.1 HealthcareProvider-v3.6 Patient-v4.3
CareTeam-v1.0.1 Encounter-v6.0 HealthProfessional-v4.0 Payer-v4.1

group: Clinical context, count: 35

Alert-v4.2 EpisodeOfCare-v1.0 MedicalDevice-v4.0 SkinDisorder-v3.4
AllergyIntolerance-v4.1.1 Exclusion-v1.0 MultidisciplinaryTeamMeeting-v2.0 SOAPReport-v1.3
BladderFunction-v4.1 FeedingPatternInfant-v1.1.3 NutritionAdvice-v3.2.1 Stoma-v3.4
BowelFunction-v5.0 FeedingTubeSystem-v3.5 PainCharacteristics-v2.1 SurveillanceDecision-v1.0
Burnwound-v4.1 FunctionalOrMentalStatus-v4.0 Pregnancy-v4.1 Symptom-v1.0
Condition-v1.0 HearingFunction-v3.3 PressureUlcer-v3.7 Vaccination-v6.0.1
DevelopmentChild-v2.0 Hypersensitivity-v1.0 Problem-v4.7 VisualFunction-v3.4
DiagnosticInsight-v1.0 HypersensitivityIntolerance-v1.0 Reaction-v2.0 Wound-v3.6
EncounterReport-v1.0 Infusion-v3.5 Signaling-v2.0

group: Measurements, count: 15

BloodPressure-v5.0 DAS-v1.1 LaboratoryTestResult-v7.0 Respiration-v3.2
BodyHeight-v3.1.2 FluidBalance-v1.0.1 O2Saturation-v4.0 TextResult-v4.4
BodyTemperature-v3.1.2 HeadCircumference-v1.3 PulseRate-v3.3 VisualAcuity-v2.1.1
BodyWeight-v4.0 HeartRate-v3.4.1 Refraction-v2.0

group: Medication, count: 7

AdministrationAgreement-v3.0 MedicationAdministration2-v3.0 MedicationContraIndication-v2.0.1 MedicationUse2-v3.0
DispenseRequest-v4.0 MedicationAgreement-v3.0 MedicationDispense-v3.0.1

group: Partial information models, count: 8

AddressInformation-v1.2 ContactInformation-v1.3.1 NameInformation-v1.1.1 Range-v1.0.1
AnatomicalLocation-v1.0.3 InstructionsForUse-v3.0 PharmaceuticalProduct-v2.2.1 TimeInterval-v1.3

group: Patient context, count: 18

AdvanceDirective-v4.3 FamilyHistory-v4.0 LanguageProficiency-v4.0 Nationality-v3.0
AlcoholUse-v3.3 FamilySituation-v3.4.1 LegalSituation-v5.0 ParticipationInSociety-v3.1
ComplaintPerception-v1.0 FamilySituationChild-v1.4 LifeStance-v3.2.1 TobaccoUse-v3.5
DrugUse-v3.5 HelpFromOthers-v3.2 LivingSituation-v3.4
Education-v3.3 IllnessPerception-v3.2 MaritalStatus-v3.2

group: Process patterns, count: 3

CollectionData-v1.0 OrderData-v1.0.1 RegistrationData-v1.1.1

group: Scales en screening tools, count: 15

ApgarScore-v1.2 DOSScore-v1.2 MUSTScore-v3.1.1 SNAQScore-v3.3
BarthelADLIndex-v3.2 FLACCpainScale-v1.2.1 PainScore-v4.1 StrongKidsScore-v1.1
ChecklistPainBehaviour-v1.2 GlasgowComaScale-v3.4 SNAQ65+Score-v1.3 TNMTumorClassification-v4.0
ComfortScale-v1.2 HoNOS+-v1.0 SNAQrcScore-v1.3

group: Selfcare, count: 10

AbilityToDressOneself-v3.1.1 AbilityToGroom-v1.0.2 AbilityToPerformNursingActivities-v1.0.2 Mobility-v3.3.1
AbilityToDrink-v3.1.2 AbilityToManageMedication-v2.0 AbilityToUseToilet-v3.1.1
AbilityToEat-v3.1.1 AbilityToPerformMouthcareActivities-v3.1 AbilityToWashOneself-v3.1.1

group: Treatment, count: 7

CareAgreement-v1.1 NursingIntervention-v4.1 Procedure-v5.4.1 TreatmentObjective-v3.2.1
FreedomRestrictingIntervention-v1.3 OutcomeOfCare-v3.3.1 TreatmentDirective2-v2.0.1

New information models in prerelease 2024-1

CollectionData Separated from Specimen in LaboratoryTestResult.
Condition Proposal to replace Problem, both HCIMs in pre-publication, choice with publication 2024.
DiagnosticInsight Proposal to replace Problem, both HCIMs in pre-publication, choice with publication 2024.
Symptom Proposal to replace Problem, both HCIMs in pre-publication, choice with publication 2024.
HypersensitivityIntolerance Proposal to replace Hypersensitivity and AllergyIntolerance, both zibs in pre-publication, choice at publication 2024.
SurveillanceDecision Proposal to replace Hypersensitivity and AllergyIntolerance, both zibs in pre-publication, choice at publication 2024.
Exclusion New.

HCIM releases and parallel HCIM models

Because pre-releases are primarily intended to give users insight into the direction in which HCIMs are developing towards the next release, HCIMs modelling the same clinical concept may coexist in pre-releases.
This then involves developments that deviate so much from the existing modelling of a concept that it is no longer a case of modifying the existing HCIM, but rather of defining a new HCIM.
Especially if consensus on the newer modelling is still under discussion, this route will be chosen.

In this way, users are informed about major developments during pre-releases and the discussion on this subject is facilitated.
As this situation cannot occur in releases - as it creates uncertainty about which HCIM should be applied - a choice will be made before each release, in accordance with governance arrangements, as to which of the parallel models will become part of the release.

Since the next release (2024) will appear after this pre-release, these choices have to be made before that release.
For release 2024, this will involve the following HCIMs:

Current modelling New modelling
AllergyIntolerance, Hypersensitivity HypersensitivityIntolerance,
Problem Condition,
MedicationContraIndication Alert1

1 MedicationContraIndication is now included in the existing HCIM Alert

Choosing the new modelling may impact HCIMs referring to the old modelling. In particular, the choice for the new modelling of Problem affects all HCIMs referring to Problem.
To give a preliminary insight into these changes resulting from the choice, this page describes for each of these HCIMs how the reference is modified and shows the modified information model.

Special information models

Partial information models

To enable reuse of information patterns, which do not themselves describe a complete (care) concept, partial information models (substructures) have been defined and applied.
Unlike complete HCIM’s, partial information models are never used independently, but always included (inclusion) in the model of a complete HCIM.
See Architecture Document Volume 1 PDF.png for more information on this.
Partial information models can be identified by the prefix "nl.zorg.part" in the HCIM name.

Templates for HCIM's

As of publication 2020, templates will be used where possible as design patterns for the development of new HCIM's.
More information about these templates can be found on the special wiki page on this topic. This page is also accessible via the main menu on the left of this page.

Process patterns

HCIMs model the information of clinical concepts. They describe those elements of the clinical concept that are relevant to almost all use cases.
When using HCIMs in information standards in particular, the need often arises to add additional information that in itself does not describe an aspect of the clinical concept, but rather forms part of the (often more administrative or logistical) process in which the clinical concept is used and which is described in the information standard.
Process pattern information models have been created to meet the above-mentioned need within the present methodology.
More information about process pattern information models is available on this page.


At the bottom of each HCIM wikipage you can find links to download the HCIM information in PDF of XLSX format.
It is also possible to download the whole set of HCIM's of this release in one file as PDFZIP.png(50 MB), XLSXZIP.png or XMIZIP.png. The last file also contains valuelist in XML format.

Additional information


  • Starting from prepublication 2018-1, LOINC and SNOMED CT terms are displayed in Dutch wikipages in Dutch and in English wikipages in English, if an official translation is available.
Attention! This prerelease contains newly created SNOMED CT codes. These codes are not yet included in the current SNOMED CT release at the time of publication. As a result, these codes are incorrectly referred to as 'unknown code'.
This will be resolved after the new SNOMED CT release.
  • A section has been added to each HCIM wikipage indicating which other HCIM's the building block refers to and in which other HCIM's the HCIM is used.