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General information

Name: nl.zorg.PainPerception NL.png
Version: 3.0
HCIM Status:Final
Release: 2016
Release status: Published
Release date: 1-5-2016

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DCM::CoderList Werkgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens
DCM::ContactInformation.Address *
DCM::ContactInformation.Name *
DCM::ContactInformation.Telecom *
DCM::ContentAuthorList Werkgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens
DCM::CreationDate 7-7-2014
DCM::DescriptionLanguage nl
DCM::EndorsingAuthority.Name PM
DCM::Id 2.16.840.1.113883.
DCM::KeywordList Pijn, pijnscore, pijnbeleving, vas, nrs
DCM::LifecycleStatus Final
DCM::ModelerList Werkgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens
DCM::Name nl.zorg.PijnBeleving
DCM::PublicationDate 1-5-2016
DCM::PublicationStatus Published
DCM::ReviewerList Projectgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens & Kerngroep Registratie aan de Bron
DCM::RevisionDate 8-9-2015
DCM::Superseeds nl.nfu.PijnBeleving-v1.0
DCM::Version 3.0
HCIM::PublicationLanguage EN

Revision History

Only available in Dutch

Publicatieversie 1.0 (01-07-2015)

Publicatieversie 3.0 (01-05-2016)

ZIB-453 Wijziging naamgeving ZIB's en logo's door andere opzet van beheer


Pain experience provides an indication of the pain experienced by the patient that is as comprehensive as possible. This includes not only the extent of the pain but also the context in which the pain is experienced. The extent of pain is recorded using the Numeric Rating Scale (NRS) or the Visual Analogue Score (VAS).


The focus on the pain, asking for and recording a pain indication can facilitate a better estimate of the severity of the pain and a better evaluation of the effect of a treatment.

Evidence Base

For children under the age of 7, we recommend using a different pain scale: the COMFORT behavior scale, the CHIPPS (Children's and Infants' Postoperative Pain Scale), the POKIS (Pain Observation Scale for Young Children), the FLACC (Faces, legs, activity, cry and consolability) and the CHEOPS (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Pain Scale).

(Source: Richtlijn Pijnmeting en Behandeling van pijn bij kinderen [Guideline for Children’s Pain Measurement and Treatment].

An observation scale for non-verbal pain behavior can be used for patients for which measuring with NRS is not an option. An example is REPOS, for patients with an expressive language disorder (the Rotterdam Elderly Pain Observation Scale), PACSLAC-D (the Pain Assessment Scale for Seniors with Severe Dementia) and the PAINAD (the Pain Assessment In Advanced Dementia).

Patient Population

The NRS and VAS are suited for measuring pain among patients of the age of 7 and older.

Information Model


Type Id Concept Card. Definition DefinitionCode Reference
Block.png NL-CM:12.11.1 Arrowdown.pngPainExperience Root concept of the PainExperience information model. This root concept contains all data elements of the PainExperience information model.
CD.png NL-CM:12.11.2 Arrowright.pngAnatomicalLocation 0..1 The location or area of the pain.
List2.png PainAnatomicalLocationCodelist
Verwijzing.png NL-CM:12.11.6 Arrowright.pngNursingProcedure 0..* The description of nursing procedures required to support a patient in pain.
Block.png NursingIntervention
Folder.png NL-CM:12.11.3 Arrowdown.pngExtentOfPain 1..* Container of the ExtentOfPain concept. This container contains all data elements of the ExtentOfPain concept.
Verwijzing.png NL-CM:12.11.5 Arrowright.pngPainScore 1 The pain score indicates the extent of the pain experienced by the patient.
Block.png PainScore
CD.png NL-CM:12.11.4 Arrowright.pngPainContext 0..1 Pain context indicates the context of the pain measurement. You can indicate whether the patient experiences pain when resting, when exercising or otherwise.
List2.png PainContextCodelist

Columns Concept and DefinitionCode: hover over the values for more information
For explanation of the symbols, please see the legend page List2.png

Example Instances

Only available in Dutch

AnatomischeLocatie Bovenbuik
PijnContext Pijn bij bewegen
PijnscoreWaarde 5
PijnscoreDatumTijd 10-09-2014
PijnMeetmethode VAS10
Toelichting Zeurende pijn.
Activiteit Pijnbestrijding volgens afspraak.
Ondersteuning van wond bij hoesten.


1. Nederlandse Vereniging voor Anesthesiologie. Richtlijn Postoperatieve pijn. (2012) [Online] Beschikbaar op: [Geraadpleegd: 13 februari 2015]

2. VMS. Vroege herkenning en behandeling van pijn. (2009) [Online] Beschikbaar op: [Geraadpleegd: 13 februari 2015]

3. Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kindergeneeskunde. Richtlijn Pijnmeting en Behandeling van pijn bij kinderen. (2007) [Online] Beschikbaar op: [Geraadpleegd: 13 februari 2015]



Valueset OID: 2.16.840.1.113883. Binding:
Conceptname Codesystem name Codesystem OID
SNOMED CT: <<91723000|anatomical structure| SNOMED CT 2.16.840.1.113883.6.96


Valueset OID: 2.16.840.1.113883. Binding:
Conceptname Conceptcode Codesystem name Codesystem OID Description
Pain onset at rest 428926002 SNOMED CT 2.16.840.1.113883.6.96 Pijn bij rust
Pain onset during exertion 429056000 SNOMED CT 2.16.840.1.113883.6.96 Pijn bij beweging
Other OTH NullFlavor 2.16.840.1.113883.5.1008 Anders

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Technical specifications in HL7v3 CDA and HL7 FHIR

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  • HL7® version 3 CDA compatible specifications, available through the Nictiz ART-DECOR® environment Artdecor.jpg
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