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General information

Name: nl.nfu.FallRiskForTransfer NL.png
Version: 1.0
HCIM Status:Final
Release: 2015
Release status: Published
Release date: 8-9-2015

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DCM::CoderList Werkgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens
DCM::ContactInformation.Address *
DCM::ContactInformation.Name *
DCM::ContactInformation.Telecom *
DCM::ContentAuthorList Werkgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens
DCM::CreationDate 13-3-2014
DCM::DescriptionLanguage nl
DCM::EndorsingAuthority.Name NFU & V&VN
DCM::Id 2.16.840.1.113883.
DCM::KeywordList Valrisico, vallen
DCM::LifecycleStatus Final
DCM::ModelerList Werkgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens
DCM::Name nl.nfu.OverdrachtValrisico
DCM::PublicationDate 8-9-2015
DCM::PublicationStatus Published
DCM::ReviewerList Projectgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens & Kerngroep Registratie aan de Bron
DCM::RevisionDate 8-9-2015
DCM::Version 1.0
HCIM::PublicationLanguage EN

Revision History

Only available in Dutch

Publicatieversie 1.0 (01-07-2015).


Falling is the most common cause of damage resulting from accidents among seniors. Once a patient has fallen, they run a higher risk of falling again. The right approach can effectively reduce the risk of falling among seniors.


Screening for the fall risk can determine the height of the risk. Recording an increased fall risk informs other healthcare providers of this risk. Preventative procedures can be implemented based on this information.

Information Model


Type Id Concept Card. Definition DefinitionCode Reference
Block.png NL-CM:4.9.1 Arrowdown.pngFallRisk Root concept of the FallRisk building block. This concept contains all data elements of the FallRisk building block.
129839007 At risk for falls
BL.png NL-CM:4.9.4 Arrowright.pngIncreasedFallRisk 1 Indicator stating whether there is an increased risk of falling.

If the patient has fallen one or more times within the past six months, they have an increased risk of falling.

429557002 Moderate to high risk of
Verwijzing.png NL-CM:4.9.3 Arrowright.pngNursingProcedure 0..* The nursing procedures needed to reduce the fall risk and/or limit the effects of a potential fall.
Block.png NursingIntervention
ST.png NL-CM:4.9.2 Arrowright.pngExplanation 0..1 The explanation of the fall risk or arguments supporting the determination of the increased fall risk.
48767-8 Annotation comment

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Example Instances

Only available in Dutch

VerhoogdValrisicoAanwezig Ja
Activiteit Bed verlagen voor de nacht, nachtlampje aan.
Toelichting Patiënt is 's nachts gevallen bij uit bed stappen.

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Technical specifications in HL7v3 CDA and HL7 FHIR

To exchange information based on health and care information models, additional, more technical specifications are required.
Not every environment can handle the same technical specifications. For this reason, there are several types of technical specifications:

  • HL7® version 3 CDA compatible specifications, available through the Nictiz ART-DECOR® environment Artdecor.jpg
  • HL7® FHIR® compatible specifications, available through the Nictiz environment on the Simplifier FHIR Fhir.png


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