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Health and Care information models

Health and Care Information models (HCIM), or Clinical Buildingblocks (CBB's) or Zorginformatiebouwstenen (zib's) are used to capture functional, semantic (non technical) agreements for the standardization of information used in the care process. The purpose of the standardization is that this information from the care process is reused for other purposes such as quality registration, transfer or patient-related research. A HCIM is an information model in which a care-based concept is described in terms of the data elements from which that concept exists, the data types of those data elements, etc.
Health and Care Information models are information models of minimal clinical concepts, each containing multiple data with agreed content, structure and mutual relationship.

Release and maintenance process

This wiki contains information about the three most recent publications of the HCIM's. Publications appear on average once a year and each contain a set of building blocks that are consistent. To implement HCIM's in accordance with a publication, all relevant HCIM's in the version as mentioned in the relevant publication summary should be used.
To meet the demand for flexibility for early adopters without undermining the desired and necessary stability, current developments are released in up to 4 pre-publications per year. These are consistent sets of HCIM's. However, there is no guarantee that these HCIM's will not be changed in the period until the next actual publication. Pre-publication users should realize this risk. Unlike publications, pre-publications will not remain available on this wiki but will be replaced by the following (pre-) publication.

The management process of the HCIM's is based on NEN7522.
All details about this process, including the way in which change requests can be entered, are described in the document "Beheerafspraken zib's" [1] (in Dutch).


At present the following releases are availabe:

Technical Specifications

In order to exchange information based on Health and Care Information Models (HCIM), additional, more technical specifications are required.
HL7® FHIR® compatible specifications are available through the Nictiz environment on the Simplifier FHIR Registry Fhir.png.
These FHIR profiles are developed for a HCIM release only. The FHIR profile is referenced in the HCIM release. For prereleases, only the Nictiz environment of Simplifier is referenced, as no FHIR profiles are created from a prerelease.


The health and care information models are made available under the following conditions:


The Health and Care Information Models (a.k.a Clinical Building Block) has been made in collaboration with several different parties in healthcare. These parties asked Nictiz to manage good maintenance and development of the information models. Hereafter, these parties and Nictiz are referred to as the collaborating parties. The collaborating parties paid utmost attention to the reliability and topicality of the data in these Health and Care Information Models. Omissions and inaccuracies may however occur. The collaborating parties are not liable for any damages resulting from omissions or inaccuracies in the information provided, nor are they liable for damages resulting from problems caused by or inherent to distributing information on the internet, such as malfunctions, interruptions, errors or delays in information or services provide by the parties to you or by you to the parties via a website or via e-mail, or any other digital means. The collaborating parties will also not accept liability for any damages resulting from the use of data, advice or ideas provided by or on behalf of the parties by means of the Health and Care Information Models. The parties will not accept any liability for the content of information in this Health and Care Information Model to which or from which a hyperlink is referred. In the event of contradictions in mentioned Health and Care Information Model documents and files, the most recent and highest version of the listed order in the revisions will indicate the priority of the documents in question. If information included in the digital version of a Health and Care Information Model is also distributed in writing, the written version will be leading in case of textual differences. This will apply if both have the same version number and date. A definitive version has priority over a draft version. A revised version has priority over previous versions.

Terms of Use

The user may use the Health and Care Information Models without limitations. The copyright provisions in the paragraph concerned apply to copying, distributing and passing on the Health and Care Information Models.


A Health and Care Information Model qualifies as a work within the meaning of Section 10 of the Copyright Act (Auteurswet). Copyrights protect the Health and Care Information Modesl and these rights are owned by the cooperating parties.
The user may copy, distribute and pass on the information in this Health and Care Information Model under the conditions that apply for Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Netherlands (CC BY-NCSA-3.0).

The content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 (see also http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/nl/)


This does not apply to information from third parties that sometimes is used and / or referred to in a Health and Care Information Model, for example to an international medical terminology system. Any (copyright) rights that protect this information are not owned by the cooperating parties but by those third parties.

Wiki pagina's

Use of the wiki pages

The wiki pages of the Health and Care Information Models are automatically generated from the original Enterprise Architect files from which the Health and Care Information Models PDFs are also created. This is done with the utmost care. However, if there are differences between the PDF and the wiki representation, the PDF representation including any patches is normative. Each wiki page lists which version of the PDF the wiki is based on, including the applicable patches.

Contact information

In addition to this wiki or the Nictiz website you can also find relevant information on the national program 'Registratie aan de bron' at the Registratie aan de Bron website.
For all other information and questions, please contact the functional manager of the zib's via info@nictiz.nl or the general number of Nictiz (070 317 3450)

External links and background information

Relevant information on the health and care information models and their application can be found on the Nictiz website and the website of Registratie aan de Bron (in Dutch)
In particular, the following document contains relevant background information.

Architecture Document Volumes 2-4 and the Service management agreements for Health and Care Information Models are at present only available in Dutch (see Dutch page).