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General information

Name: nl.zorg.VerpleegkundigeInterventie NL.png
Version: 3.0
Publication: 2016
Status wikipage: Definitief


DCM::CoderList Werkgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens
DCM::ContactInformation.Address *
DCM::ContactInformation.Name *
DCM::ContactInformation.Telecom *
DCM::ContentAuthorList Werkgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens
DCM::CreationDate 7-7-2014
DCM::DescriptionLanguage nl
DCM::EndorsingAuthority.Name PM
DCM::Id 2.16.840.1.113883.
DCM::KeywordList Interventie, verpleegkundige actie
DCM::LifecycleStatus Final
DCM::ModelerList Werkgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens
DCM::Name nl.zorg.VerpleegkundigeInterventie
DCM::PublicationDate 1-5-2016
DCM::PublicationStatus Published
DCM::ReviewerList Projectgroep RadB Verpleegkundige Gegevens & Kerngroep Registratie aan de Bron
DCM::RevisionDate 8-9-2015
DCM::Superseeds nl.nfu.VerpleegkundigeInterventie-v1.0
DCM::Version 3.0

Revision History

Only available in Dutch

Publicatieversie 1.0 (01-07-2015)

Publicatieversie 3.0 (01-05-2016)


A nursing intervention is the care and/or treatment carried out by a nurse based on an expert opinion and clinical knowledge. It is part of the nursing process; interventions are determined as a result of indexed healthcare problems (nursing diagnoses) and based on treatment goals. The interventions are outlined in the nursing procedures.


The nursing interventions are an essential part of the nursing process. A nursing intervention is recorded to document the nursing policy and to update other healthcare providers on the intervention. The documentation of nursing interventions offers the option to determine whether the interventions outlined in the treatment plan have been carried out. This way, we can facilitate optimal nursing and continuity of care.

Evidence Base

Various classifications can be used in an organization to support the nursing process (nursing diagnoses/ symptoms, interventions and healthcare results). The chosen classification system usually depends on the context of the care (and the accessibility of the classification). Commonly used systems include Omaha System, NANDA, NIC and NOC (also known as the NNN-classification) and ICF.

For more information, please refer to the ‘References’ section.

Information Model


Type Id Concept Alias Card. Definition DefinitionCode Reference
Zib.png NL-CM:14.2.1 VerpleegkundigeInterventie EN: NursingIntervention 0..1 Root concept of the NursingIntervention information model. This root concept contains all data elements of the NursingIntervention information model.
CD.png NL-CM:14.2.2 >Interventie EN: Intervention 1 A nursing intervention is a treatment carried out by a nurse based on an expert opinion and clinical knowledge for the benefit of the person requesting healthcare. The intervention is targeted towards a certain problem (diagnosis) and has a predetermined healthcare result. There are different classifications that describe interventions, including the NIC (National Intervention Classification) and the Omaha System. This information model uses coded interventions.
List.png InterventieICNPCodelijst
List.png InterventieNICCodelijst
List.png InterventieOmahaCodelijst
Verwijzing.png NL-CM:14.2.6 >Indicatie::Probleem EN: Indication::Problem 0..1 The nursing-related problem (indication) providing cause for the intervention.
Zib.png OverdrachtConcern
Verwijzing.png NL-CM:13.4.7 >Behandeldoel EN: TreatmentGoal 0..1 The description of the treatment goal that the intervention decision is based on.
Zib.png Behandeldoel
Container.png NL-CM:14.2.9 >VerpleegkundigeActie EN: NursingProcedure 0..* Container of the NursingProcedure concept. This container contains all data elements of the NursingProcedure concept.
9632001 Nursing procedure
PQ.png NL-CM:14.2.3 >>Interval EN: Interval 0..1 Interval indicates the time between planned procedures.

When entering an interval, the focus is on the time between the consecutive procedures, such as in the treatment of a wound, for example. The exact times are of lesser importance.

PQ.png NL-CM:14.2.4 >>Frequentie EN: Frequency 0..1 The frequency describes how often and in which period certain procedures are carried out, e.g. 3x a day.
ST.png NL-CM:14.2.10 >>Activiteit EN: Activity 1 The description of nursing procedures carried out in the care for a patient. A nursing intervention consists of a set of patient-related nursing procedures.
TS.png NL-CM:14.2.11 >>ActieStartDatumTijd EN: ProcedureStartDateTime 0..1 The start date (and if possible start time) of the procedure. The concept offers the option to indicate the start of the period of a series of repeating procedures.
TS.png NL-CM:14.2.12 >>ActieEindDatumTijd EN: ProcedureEndDateTime 0..1 The end date (and if possible end time) of the procedure. The concept offers the option to indicate the end of the period of a series of repeating procedures.
Verwijzing.png NL-CM:14.2.13 >>Hulpmiddel::MedischHulpmiddel EN: MedicalAid:MedicalAid 0..* Description of the materials used for the nursing procedure, such as bandages.
Zib.png MedischHulpmiddel
Verwijzing.png NL-CM:14.2.7 >>UitgevoerdDoor::Zorgverlener EN: CarriedOutBy::HealthcareProvider 0..1 The healthcare provider carrying out the nursing procedure.
Zib.png Zorgverlener
Verwijzing.png NL-CM:14.2.8 >AangevraagdDoor::Zorgverlener EN: RequestedBy::HealthcareProvider 0..* The healthcare provider who requested the nursing intervention. If desired, only the requester’s specialty can be entered.
Zib.png Zorgverlener
ST.png NL-CM:14.2.5 >Toelichting EN: Explanation 0..1 Explanation of the nursing intervention.
48767-8 Annotation comment

For explanation of the symbols, please see the legend page List.png

Example Instances

Only available in Dutch

Interventie Pijnmanagement
ProbleemNaam Pijn
MetingNaam Pijnscore
UitslagWaarde <4
UitslagDatumTijd 10-09-2015
Activiteit Ondersteuning van de wond bij hoesten.
ActieStartDatumTijd 10-08-2015
ActieEindDatumTijd 15-08-2015
Activiteit Toedienen medicatie volgens voorschrift bij pijnscore > 4.
ActieStartDatumTijd 10-08-2015
Toelichting -


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Valueset OID 2.16.840.1.113883.
Conceptname Codesystem name Codesystem OID
Alle waarden ICNP 2.16.840.1.113883.6.97


Valueset OID 2.16.840.1.113883.
Conceptname Codesystem name Codesystem OID
Alle waarden NIC 2.16.840.1.113883.6.15


Valueset OID 2.16.840.1.113883.
Conceptname Codesystem name Codesystem OID
Alle waarden Omaha 2.16.840.1.113883.6.98

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More technical information and HL7/XML documentation you can find on the Nictiz Art-Decor page about this information model[1]
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