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Attention!! This is not the most recent HCIM release. You can find the most recent release here.

Release 2020

This is a release. More information about prereleases and releases you can find here.
The following summary shows which hcim's are part of this release, including the version numbers.
More information on Release 2020 you can find in the ReleaseNotes 2020 PDF.png (in Dutch) and in the sections below.

Health and care information models release 2020

group: Administrative, count: 7

CareTeam-v1.0 Encounter-v4.0.1 HealthProfessional-v3.5 Payer-v3.1.1
ContactPerson-v3.4 HealthcareProvider-v3.4 Patient-v3.2

group: Clinical context, count: 25

Alert-v4.1 FeedingPatternInfant-v1.1 NutritionAdvice-v3.2 Stoma-v3.3
AllergyIntolerance-v3.3 FeedingTubeSystem-v3.3 PainCharacteristics-v1.0 Vaccination-v4.0
BladderFunction-v3.2 FunctionalOrMentalStatus-v3.2 Pregnancy-v4.0 VisualFunction-v3.1
BowelFunction-v3.1.1 HearingFunction-v3.2 PressureUlcer-v3.4 Wound-v3.3
Burnwound-v3.4 Infusion-v3.3 Problem-v4.4
DevelopmentChild-v1.2 MedicalDevice-v3.3.1 SkinDisorder-v3.3
EpisodeOfCare-v1.0 MultidisciplinaryTeamMeeting-v1.0 SOAPReport-v1.0

group: Measurements, count: 15

BloodPressure-v3.2.1 DAS-v1.0 LaboratoryTestResult-v4.6 Respiration-v3.2
BodyHeight-v3.1.1 FluidBalance-v1.0.1 O2Saturation-v3.1 TextResult-v4.4
BodyTemperature-v3.1.2 HeadCircumference-v1.3 PulseRate-v3.3 VisualAcuity-v1.0
BodyWeight-v3.2 HeartRate-v3.4 Refraction-v1.0

group: Medication, count: 7

AdministrationAgreement-v1.0.3 MedicationAdministration2-v1.1.1 MedicationContraIndication-v1.0 MedicationUse2-v1.1.1
DispenseRequest-v1.0.3 MedicationAgreement-v1.2 MedicationDispense-v2.0.2

group: Partial information models, count: 8

AddressInformation-v1.1 ContactInformation-v1.2 NameInformation-v1.1 Range-v1.0.1
AnatomicalLocation-v1.0 InstructionsForUse-v1.2.1 PharmaceuticalProduct-v2.1.2 TimeInterval-v1.0

group: Patient context, count: 17

AdvanceDirective-v3.1.1 FamilySituation-v3.2 LegalSituation-v2.0 ParticipationInSociety-v3.1
AlcoholUse-v3.2 FamilySituationChild-v1.2 LifeStance-v3.2 TobaccoUse-v3.2
DrugUse-v3.3 HelpFromOthers-v3.01 LivingSituation-v3.3
Education-v3.2 IllnessPerception-v3.1 MaritalStatus-v3.1
FamilyHistory-v3.1 LanguageProficiency-v3.2 Nationality-v3.0

group: Scales en screening tools, count: 14

ApgarScore-v1.0.1 DOSScore-v1.0 PainScore-v4.0 StrongKidsScore-v1.1
BarthelADLIndex-v3.1 FLACCpainScale-v1.1 SNAQ65+Score-v1.2 TNMTumorClassification-v1.0
ChecklistPainBehavior-v1.1 GlasgowComaScale-v3.2 SNAQrcScore-v1.1
ComfortScale-v1.1 MUSTScore-v3.1 SNAQScore-v3.2

group: Selfcare, count: 10

AbilityToDressOneself-v3.1.1 AbilityToGroom-v1.0.1 AbilityToPerformNursingActivities-v1.0.1 Mobility-v3.3
AbilityToDrink-v3.1.1 AbilityToManageMedication-v1.0.1 AbilityToUseToilet-v3.1.1
AbilityToEat-v3.1.1 AbilityToPerformMouthcareActivities-v3.1 AbilityToWashOneself-v3.1.1

group: Treatment, count: 7

CareAgreement-v1.0 NursingIntervention-v3.2 Procedure-v5.2 TreatmentObjective-v3.2
FreedomRestrictingIntervention-v1.0 OutcomeOfCare-v3.2 TreatmentDirective2-v1.0

New information models and deprecated information models in release 2020

In release 2020 a number of new information models are added to the national set of HCIM's.
A number of existing information models on the other hand are declared deprecated.

New HCIM's

AnatomicalLocation (partial inf. model) EpisodeOfCare MultidisciplinaryTeamMeeting-v1.0 TreatmentDirective2
CareAgreement FreedomRestrictingIntervention Refraction VisualAcuity
CareTeam MedicationContraIndication SOAPReport
DAS PainCharacteristics TNMTumorClassification

Deprecated HCIM's


Reason for deprecation

  • BasisElementen
The reason for the withdrawal of the BasicElements HCIM is that from the beginning of the existence of the HCIMs and the BasicElements HCIMs, there has been discussion about the data elements in BasicElements in relation to individual HCIMs:
  • InformationSource: not clinically relevant for every HCIM, and moreover not clear for each HCIM what is meant by this, especially in relation to the element Author.
  • Subject: implicitly this is always the patient. In the sporadic cases where the patient is not the subject, this has already been explicitly modeled in the HCIMs concerned, as in FamilyHistory, for example.
  • DateTime: often multiple dates and times are relevant and relevant in zibs and the basic element creates confusion. It has already been explicitly modeled in many zibs.
  • Author: not clinically relevant for every HCIM, and moreover not clear for each HCIM what is meant by this, especially in relation to the source of the information and the recorder in the file.
  • IdentificationNumber: not clinically relevant for every HCIM and, moreover, usually without clinical significance. And for HCIMs, where this is not a point of discussion, it is often already modeled in the HCIM concerned.
Consequences of the withdrawal of the Basic Elements HCIM::
  1. For HCIMs, for which this is (clinically) relevant, some of the data elements that were present in BasisElements in (Pre-)publications prior to Publication 2020 will be modeled in the HCIM itself, if not already present. The clinical significance will be defined in the context of the HCIM concerned.
  2. Users of the HCIMs are called upon to indicate (by submitting a change proposal to the HCIM concerned) which data elements from the BasicElements must be explicitly modeled, and what the clinical significance is, of which (1.) has not yet been done is.
The fact that the BasisElements HCIM in Publication 2020 no longer exists means that data elements from the BasicElements, which are not explicitly modeled in the HCIM concerned, can possibly be added, for example, and in particular in application datasets.
  • FreedomRestrictingMeasures
The FreedomRestrictingMeasures HCIM is superseded by the FreedomRestrictingIntervention HCIM as a result of new legislation on involuntary care (Mandatory Care In Mental Health Act and the are and Compulsion Act).
  • GeneralMeasurement
The HCIM GeneralMeasurement is deprecated. As of release 2020 a different approach will be used for this type of generic information models. For more informtion, see special wiki page on templates.
  • TreatmentDirective
The TreatmentDirective HCIM has been replaced by the TreatmentDirective2 HCIM. If the concept of a HCIM contains fundamental changes, then the agreement (also laid down in ISO13972) is that the HCIM in question will be renamed and will get a new id, which also indicates that there is no backwards compatibility. This is the case for TreatmentDirective, partly due to the input from primary care.

Errata release 2020

After the publication of release 2020, the following errors in the release came to light.

Issue ZIB-1252 Date 12-11-2020
Information model: NursingIntervention-v3.2 Subject: Reference to codelist InterventionNICCodelist
The concept Intervention includes a reference to the NIC as a permitted coding system to code an intervention. This option is no longer valid. Therefore, only a term from SNOMED CT can be selected for coding an intervention.

Issue ZIB-1378 Date 23-06-2021
Information model: ContactPerson-v4.3 Subject: RolCodelist has numeric codes (1,2,3,..) in stead of strings (01,02,03,...)
In valueset RolCodelist the concept codes 1 - 9 should be extended with one leading zero and therefore must be changed to 01 - 09.

When using publication 2020, the solutions mentioned for these errors must be applied.
The solutions of these issues will be included in the next (pre)release.

Special information models

Partial information models

To enable reuse of information patterns, which do not themselves describe a complete (care) concept, partial information models (substructures) have been defined and applied.
Unlike complete HCIM’s, partial information models are never used independently, but always included (inclusion) in the model of a complete HCIM.
See Architecture Document Volume 1 PDF.png for more information on this.
Partial information models can be identified by the prefix "nl.zorg.part" in the HCIM name.

Templates for HCIM's

As of publication 2020, templates will be used where possible as design patterns for the development of new HCIM's.
More information about these templates can be found on the special wiki page on this topic. This page is also accessible via the main menu on the left of this page.


At the bottom of each HCIM wikipage you can find links to download the HCIM information in PDF of XLSX format.
It is also possible to download the whole set of HCIM's of this release in one file as PDFZIP.png(71 MB), XLSXZIP.png or XMIZIP.png. The last file also contains valuelist in XML format.

Additional information


  • Starting from prepublication 2018-1, LOINC and SNOMED CT terms are displayed in Dutch wikipages in Dutch and in English wikipages in English, if an official translation is available.
  • A section has been added to each HCIM wikipage indicating which other HCIM's the building block refers to and in which other HCIM's the HCIM is used.